6th maaliskuu, 2012

Hi, it’s been too long since my last update – but the year start has been busy.

But here are the latest news: Regards from Copenhagen, so nice and fresh AND such good shopping. You will find good shopping tips later this spring in DIVAANI magazine.

Regards from Kuusamo, wonderful skiholiday with my family!

And now I would like to introduce my godchild from Stockholm,

NADJA, who is in practical training from school for 2 weeks, and a real talent, I have to say. Welcome Nadja, I am so happy to have you here!

Nina and Nadja

Happy New Year!

1st tammikuu, 2012

I am excited to start a new year 2012. There are so many new and interesting projects about to be launched. My calender is full of bookings – thanks to my old and some new clients. What else can I say on the 1st day of 2012?

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work,

wishing everyone an inspiring January!



16th syyskuu, 2011

It feels good to be awarded. These two photos, PERUNAVARASTO 1 and PERUNAVARASTO 2, were given the 1.prize in still life series in ”VUODEN MAINOSVALOKUVA 2011”.

There is a whole, fine exhibition in Sanomatalon Mediatori by Finnish advertising photographers and you can experience it also on line:

Sanomatalo’s exhibition is open until 25th of September.


Perunavarasto 1

Perunavarasto 2

Something to see…

11th syyskuu, 2011


16th heinäkuu, 2011

I will be on my summer holiday 11th of July – 8th of August, wishing everybody a relaxing and sunny summer!


Early June in Oulu, Nallikari


11th toukokuu, 2011

Hi again, here we are – in the middle of the summer- just like that.  I remember last summer so well, specially with the help of this inspiring summer kitchen in Sysmä. Pls see the picture below. You can also find this photo on the back cover of just released Glorian Koti and more of it in June issue.

At this particular summer cottage in Sysmä I spent the hottest day in summer 2010. This idyllic place is my cousin’s, it was our family holiday and the temperature went up to 37, something C. It was unbelievable. Children had to be put inside(water, juice, icecream and videos) and we grown-ups tried to gasp some air in shadow.

Let’s hope that this summer will be as hot!


Sysmä summer kitchen

Green is in!

11th huhtikuu, 2011

And white is out!

And by white I mean snow and by green, SPRING!

Please have a look on my latest updates in Portfolio.

There are a lot of pictures of this beautiful house in Soukka, Espoo. The story was released in March issue of Glorian Koti. Among them many unreleased ones. There are also some nice spreads from the latest VOLUME issue.

Today is my birthday, guess if I am 25 or 35 or… ? Nina


Diamonds are forever…

8th maaliskuu, 2011

New release of Volume is out, what a shine!

And what a shoot. I can honestly say that diamonds are ”the girl’s best friend”, but the photographer’s biggest challenge.(but fun, really)

I will sparkle on my winter holiday up in the north until 21st of March,

so wishing everybody a lot of sparkle and sunshine  in March!


My boots were made for walking…

19th tammikuu, 2011

Two things

I mean working… I’ve been busy working in January and lots of the shootings have been out in the snow.

I want to say, thankyou winter, even though it is a bit grey and wet here in Helsinki right now. But this very moment when writing this update, there is more snow coming down-again. At least there is more light.

Look at my dear hairy friends below. I could say that there are two things I don’t want to change:

My camera and my boots – in order to work!

Let’s have a good year 2011,


My hairy friends

Season’s Greetings

20th joulukuu, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!!! Nina