X-ray diffraction

28th tammikuu, 2014

Let me introduce ”XRD”. You can find it at GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF FINLAND and I was lucky enough to make a shoot there and to work with this fine piece of an equipment. RESPECT!

I ended my year mid December with this new client GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF FINLAND (Geologian Tutkimuskeskus) and I started my new Year with THREE NEW CLIENTS. It means that businesses are running and they need quality images. And that I call GOOD NEWS for everybody.

Hopefully 2014 will be energetic, busy and interesting business wise and otherwise!

My best assistant

3rd joulukuu, 2013

By the end of the year I would like to say  THANK YOU to my clients, co-ops and of course to my assistant Rene, 6 months old australian labradoodle…

Below see Rene ”working” in Elmo Sport shoot on 2nd of December! Thankyou Mervi (make up and hair) and Iina (model).

I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year,

See you again next year, Nina

It is all about location

6th marraskuu, 2013

Location, location, location.

And now it is in Suvilahti power plant, house number 7 and Magito: http://www.magito.fi/index.html

There is my new office, where I just moved in. And I am in between unpacking, shooting, organising , editing and planning. This autumn has been busy and I like it!

This location below is in Almeria, Spain and I was happy to shoot there for 5 days in September.

Lightning is in order, don’t you think?


Fresh clean desk

14th elokuu, 2013

I wish I had something like this to work on, but reality bites.Never mind, I think ( I have to), instead I am moving out from my studio, getting organized that way and same time cleaning my mind and getting more space for new ideas!

Second week at work and I find myself  busy with new clients, old clients and fine colleagues, whom I am happy to cooperate in a mysterious field of media and images.

It has been too long since my latest update here, but below – FRESH CLEAN DESK – is one of the works from this year. The image is made for Metsä Board (Recommended) and soon you are going to find many of the same series images also here at my own site. So, not just globally 😉


Metsä Board, Recommended

New updates in portfolio

27th helmikuu, 2013

It is about time. Pls check my freshly updated portfolio with a lot of  new images from my latest work in 2012 and 2013.

Now I am busy working, skiholidays are behind and spring is around the corner… everything okay!

8th of March is the International women’s day and therefore I would like to introduce these incredible women:

Leena Mörttinen – EK, Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen – NOVITA and Anneli Nordberg – AKTIV RESOR

And I was the lucky one to meet these beautiful ladies and shoot their portraits.

Have a sunny March, Nina




New Year, New Life

7th tammikuu, 2013

Here we go again.

It is always as thrilling to start a New Year. It is about new ideas, plans, extra energy and start-ups. Even though, when news try to put us down, not me – I promise! I am going to fight! So, wishing everybody a happy and prosperous New year 2013!

Thankyou FINNFOTO for a grant for my special project. Hopefully I can present something as a result by autumn. Planning starts right now this week!


Spring Flowers

Movember, December…

27th marraskuu, 2012

Time flies, specially when you are having fun.

This fall I’ve been to London with colleagues and it was great fun, some work, learning new stuff and relaxing. I’ve also learned and discussed about the difficult times in the field of professional photography. I’ve got new clients. I’ve worked (thank God there is still work to be done). There was a studioparty and that was so much fun. I’ve met various professional people-new contacts- and I am about to start really interesting new stuff and cooperation.

So, when Christmas approaching, it seems that this year wasn’t a bad year after all.

Below one of my favourite shots from this fall.

Markus Frey


13th syyskuu, 2012

BALANCE LOUNGE CHAIR, designed by Esa Vesmanen, was just waiting for me at MARTELA’s open day during the Design Week.

After inspiring spaces, interesting stories and people, heavenly good food and few glasses of wine, I found my peaceful corner…

and listened to the music nobody else could hear, except me. Balanced.

Get some perspective… I did!

13th elokuu, 2012

And by that I mean a great week in Kuressaare, Estonia. I spent one of my three weeks of holiday in a photography course in architecture. And what a week! And what a group! And what a teacher… guru himself JUSSI TIAINEN, thankyou!

I also want to thank CANON and Olli Turtiainen for lending me a great pc-lens(or ts…) so that I was able to try all the secrets of shifts and tilts…

So, below please have a look at my efforts from Kuressaare; bus stops and fire station.



4th heinäkuu, 2012

Almost there… I am starting my holidays on 13th of July and I will be back on 7th of August.

Wishing everybody great holidays and a lot of sunshine!

This summer I will steal one week off my holidays to attend photography course in architecture!!! And I am so thrilled about that… learning new things, but before that…