13th syyskuu, 2017

Tunnetyöskentelyä Canonin Selphyn kanssa

Maksa- ja munuaisliiton vertaisvanhemmat kokoontuivat elokuussa valokuvaterapian työpajaan tunteista. Omatoiminen työskentely toteutui tunteiden valokuvauksella.

Kymmenen tunteen kuvaustehtävä otettiin innolla vastaan ja sillä välin kun ryhmä kuvasi Varalan urheiluopiston maisemissa, minä viritin Selphyni tuotantokuntoon 200 kuvan tulostusta varten.

Sitä mukaa kun muistikortteja ilmestyi pöydälle, niin Selphy raksutti tauotta tunteita paperille! Vertaisvanhemmat eivät olleet ainoita, jotka ihmettelivät kuvan laatua ja moitteetonta työn kulkua, samalla ihastellen ”väri kerrallaan” tulostuskerroksia. Näin ammattilaisenkin silmin kuvan laatu on todella hyvä. Silloin tällöin Selphyni ilmoitti tarvitsevansa lisää paperia tai uuden värikasetin, sai haluamansa ja jatkoi iloista raksutustaan.

Olin valmistautunut mutkiin matkassa, mutta tulostus toimi moitteettomasti ja ilman takkuilua. Kahteen kuvaan ilmestyi jokin kuvaan kuulumaton pieni väriläikkä, mutta se ei haitannut. Selphy valokuvatulostin tulee olemaan olennainen osa kuvapainotteista valmennus- ja työnohjaustyötäni jatkossa. Olen enemmän kuin tyytyväinen.

Kiitos, Nina

MuMan vertaisvanhempien koulutusviikonloppu Tampereella 26.8. 2017 Valokuvaterapian työpaja tunteista

Paperikuvista askarreltiin Tunnehaitarit, jotka esiteltiin ryhmän kesken.

Just beauty

30th tammikuu, 2017

Beautiful homes are my passion. I started a year with a cover of Avotakka magazine.

People went crazy about Krista Saurio’s beautiful home and a fine touch with colours and tones.

We had finished the photoshoot, but still a camera in my hand, I spotted and snapped this breathtakingly peaceful and harmonic stilleben.

Usually there are always treasures outside the assignment, this time I hit the jackpot, pure beauty!


Image is power

26th syyskuu, 2016

Imagine your power image.

Are you  good in visual reading and do you find new meanings in images? Did you just remember something which you didn’t even know it existed? In some images one feels to be safe and taking a picture one might solve the problem in mind.

Phototherapeutic approach while working with images, old photos and freshly made ones, looking at pictures – own and others’-, self portraits and a process are all powerful ways in Phototherapy workshops.

More detailed information about the workshops coming up. Taylormade introductions of Phototherapy workshops for groups are free, please don’t hesitate to contact me:


In Finnish and English.


21st maaliskuu, 2016

interflora spring 2016

It is officially spring now!

The amount of light is increasing minute by minute, day is longer than night (since 20th of March) and one has a desire for bright colours. Inspiring and colourful was also a shooting session for Interflora spring 2016. Wishing everybody as joyful spring time as I had while working with these ”models”.

Processing future

25th tammikuu, 2016


Detail of the photo rug

You can see the whole work in my gallery, visit http://studioninak.com/galleria/artwork/


Another year started and I am in a middle of a process. Let’s be honest, I am the big process myself. Future plans are open workwise and multitasking is the word of today.

I made my first article in a magazine, meaning that I interviewed, wrote the text and took the photos. Yes, I loved to make a story not only with my images but also with words. Hope to do it again. Yes, defenitely writing is in a good process and I want to learn more (and I will).

This Photo Rug was made under a theme ”PROCESS”. And what’s more there is to process than recycling your beautiful handmade prints from the good old days. 

Results of my mental process are to be seen this year, just wait!

Work, Art and Workout

23rd maaliskuu, 2015

Everybody knows and those who don’t, I can share this following knowledge:

I love my work- even now when the time is tough and business hard- because there are so many positive side affects in photographer’s profession.


1. You get to meet incredibly interesting people (ones you wouldn’t get the chance to meet without an assignment for a shoot)

2. You get the access to the places where ”access is denied”.

3. You learn that the word IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t excist, because I won’t take no for an answer while taking a picture in mind. It is true. There is always a way.

4. You keep fit and you can skip your gym, because photographing is often a full exercise. After a long day in most peculiar shooting positions you feel like after marathon. See below.

5. There are inspiring breaks while waiting in the photoshoot and then you just snap your art piece. Like the one below.


Give me a reason!

25th syyskuu, 2014

Share, link, post, boost, upgrade, update, status… Social media marketing!!! Argh.

I am very social. Yes, I am also active, but almost in any other circumstances than in social media.

I just don’t see a reason. If I try really really, really hard, would you give me a reason?



Helsinki Fashion Weekend

Selfie and much more!

3rd heinäkuu, 2014

Curves, layers, overlay, multiply, lab, channels, surface blur etc. Somewhere in the middle of  photoshop training there is a word in my notebook:

Suicide. It was the third day.

Instead of it, I made a selfie and tried and tried and learnt a bit. It is hard but interesting- such as life – and every now and then one succeeds.

All the sweat from this photoshop training week is in this selfie!


P.S. It was really fun, after many years, to make an old-fashioned selfie.

I feel wonderful

23rd huhtikuu, 2014

I feel Summer. And where is the Spring?

There was no winter nor Spring and here we are with a lot of sunshine, birds are singing and summer trips are being planned.

This summer I will have – yes, a couple of weeks of holiday- but working(hopefully busy) and educating myself to the wonders of editing and photo adjustment: Going to go to a workshop of CS 6 and sitting in a class room 8 hours per day for a week. That week in July might be very rainy…

This shot below was made for Metsä Board and the shoot was made in my favourite frozen yoghurt bar YOBOT at Runeberginkatu in Töölö, Helsinki.

I can’t remember the flavour in this cup, I just might go there again to fresh my memory.

Wishing everybody summery flavours, Nina

X-ray diffraction

28th tammikuu, 2014

Let me introduce ”XRD”. You can find it at GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF FINLAND and I was lucky enough to make a shoot there and to work with this fine piece of an equipment. RESPECT!

I ended my year mid December with this new client GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF FINLAND (Geologian Tutkimuskeskus) and I started my new Year with THREE NEW CLIENTS. It means that businesses are running and they need quality images. And that I call GOOD NEWS for everybody.

Hopefully 2014 will be energetic, busy and interesting business wise and otherwise!