Work, Art and Workout

23rd maaliskuu, 2015

Everybody knows and those who don’t, I can share this following knowledge:

I love my work- even now when the time is tough and business hard- because there are so many positive side affects in photographer’s profession.


1. You get to meet incredibly interesting people (ones you wouldn’t get the chance to meet without an assignment for a shoot)

2. You get the access to the places where ”access is denied”.

3. You learn that the word IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t excist, because I won’t take no for an answer while taking a picture in mind. It is true. There is always a way.

4. You keep fit and you can skip your gym, because photographing is often a full exercise. After a long day in most peculiar shooting positions you feel like after marathon. See below.

5. There are inspiring breaks while waiting in the photoshoot and then you just snap your art piece. Like the one below.