I feel wonderful

23rd huhtikuu, 2014

I feel Summer. And where is the Spring?

There was no winter nor Spring and here we are with a lot of sunshine, birds are singing and summer trips are being planned.

This summer I will have – yes, a couple of weeks of holiday- but working(hopefully busy) and educating myself to the wonders of editing and photo adjustment: Going to go to a workshop of CS 6 and sitting in a class room 8 hours per day for a week. That week in July might be very rainy…

This shot below was made for Metsä Board and the shoot was made in my favourite frozen yoghurt bar YOBOT at Runeberginkatu in Töölö, Helsinki.

I can’t remember the flavour in this cup, I just might go there again to fresh my memory.

Wishing everybody summery flavours, Nina